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Wine and Olive Oil Tour


Chania is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean, and its natural beauty and history will leave you breathless. The Cretan wine and olive oil are some of the best in the world, and the traditional lunch is a must-try. The vineyards offer tours where everyone can taste different varieties on tap without even having wine glasses (they serve it straight from the barrel). The Raki distilleries are also a great place to check out. Cretan men will show you how they make the traditional alcoholic beverage from grapes and offer you a shot or two.

The people of Crete are avid lovers and collectors. They have been cultivating the land since forever, but it wasn’t until they discovered olive oil that their lives changed for good! You can tour around this incredible island with different itineraries – from exploring museums to tasting locally made products like raki (distilled spirits) or cheese at one factory; all while learning about history on your own time through informative tours in each place you visit.

See the oldest olive tree in world, estimated to be 3-4000 years old! You can also explore winery cellars and see where wine is bottled. The highlight for many people will be eating extra virgin olive oil with warm bread at a local bakery while they experience Crete’s traditional cuisine firsthand.

Keep in mind that children must be accompanied by an adult, and wine tasting is not allowed for them. They will get water or fresh orange juice instead of alcohol-free beverages like red tablecloths! You should bring your passport along with you to this event; pets are also banned from certain occasions. Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and sun hat!


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