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Cretan Corner Olive oil


Cretan Corner Olive Oil

Welcome to Cretan Corner Olive Oil, where tradition and quality blend seamlessly in the heart of Maleme, Chania. Inspired by the great Greek poet Odysseus Elytis, who once said, "If you disintegrate Greece, in the end, you will see that you are left with an olive oil tree, a grapevine, and a ship," we bring you the very essence of Crete through our exceptional products. Our family has been cultivating olives for over 300 years, and we continue this legacy with a strong focus on quality and sustainability.

Our Story:
Cretan Corner Olive Oil is a family-run business that began in 2003. We continue our grandfather's work, partnering with small local producers who share our passion for quality. Our mission is to offer only the finest traditional Cretan products, emphasizing quality over quantity. This dedication is reflected in everything we produce, from our renowned olive oil to our award-winning wines and raki.

Product Range:
At Cretan Corner, we offer an extensive range of high-quality products that capture the rich flavors and traditions of Crete:

  • Extra Virgin Cretan Olive Oil: Our olive oil is harvested with the utmost care to preserve its exceptional organoleptic characteristics. It's perfect for use in all types of cooking and as a healthy addition to any meal.

  • Traditional Cretan Cheeses: Enjoy a variety of Cretan cheeses, including Graviera, Myzithra, Feta, Yoghurt, Dry Flower Cheese, and more. These cheeses are made using traditional methods and fresh local ingredients.

  • Natural Cosmetics: Discover our olive oil-based cosmetics for face and body care. These products are made with natural ingredients and are free from harmful chemicals.

  • Herbs and Spices: We offer a selection of local herbs and spices that add authentic Cretan flavors to your dishes.

  • Honey and Sweets: Savor our thyme honey, handmade spoon sweets, jams, carob and grape syrup, and balsamic sauces. These sweet treats are perfect for any occasion.

  • Vegetable Oils: Our vegetable oils are ideal for massage and hair care, providing natural nourishment and care.

Commitment to Quality:
Our products are sourced from local suppliers and crafted with care to ensure the highest quality. Each item is fresh and free from preservatives or harmful chemicals, making them delicious and healthy. Whether you visit us in Maleme or shop online, you can trust that you are getting the best that Crete has to offer.

Family Olive Oil Tradition:
Our family's olive groves are in the picturesque villages of Omala and Maleme, Chania. Our region's most abundant olive variety is Koroneiki, which produces the best quality, fruity, and aromatic olive oil. Our olive trees, some dating back to the 1800s, are cultivated with deep respect for the soil and environment. This ensures that our olive oil is an actual "medicine" for health and longevity.

The olive oil is harvested using oil machines designed to protect the trees and maintain the quality of the fruit. This careful process maximizes the oil's beneficial properties, resulting in extra virgin olive oil that is second to none. The rich Cretan diet, abundant in olive oil, is known for its significant health benefits and role in promoting longevity.

Contact Details:

Experience the Best of Crete:
If you can't visit us in person, our "boat" is ready to bring the best of Crete to your home. Our online store offers an easy and convenient way to explore our products and enjoy the quality that Cretan Corner Olive Oil is known for. Each product is crafted to bring you a taste of Crete, ensuring you enjoy our traditional foods' authentic flavors and health benefits.

Explore our extensive Cretan products and choose the best for you and your loved ones. Our products are not available in supermarkets, ensuring that what you receive is always fresh, high-quality, and made with the utmost care.

Visit us online or at our physical location in Maleme to discover the exceptional quality of Cretan Corner Olive Oil. We look forward to bringing a piece of Crete to your table.

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  1. What types of products does Cretan Corner Olive Oil offer?

    • We offer a variety of premium Cretan products, including extra virgin olive oil, traditional cheeses, natural cosmetics, herbs and spices, honey, and sweets. We also provide a selection of award-winning wines and raki.
  2. How is the olive oil at Cretan Corner Olive Oil produced?

    • Our olive oil is produced using olives from our family groves in Maleme and Omala, Chania. The olives are harvested with care using oil machines that protect the trees and maintain the quality of the fruit, ensuring maximum organoleptic characteristics in our extra virgin olive oil.
  3. Can I purchase Cretan Corner Olive Oil products online?

    • Yes, you can explore and purchase our full range of products on our website We ensure safe and reliable delivery to bring the best of Crete to your home.
  4. What makes Cretan Corner Olive Oil products unique?

    • Our products are crafted with a focus on quality over quantity. We partner with small local producers and use traditional methods to ensure our products are fresh, free from preservatives and chemicals, and packed with authentic Cretan flavors.
  5. Do you offer any special dietary products?

    • We offer products suitable for various dietary needs, including vegetarian options. Our olive oil, cheeses, and other products are made with natural ingredients, ensuring they are healthy and nutritious.



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