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The best traditional Cretan dishes

Crete is a beautiful island located in southern Greece that is known for its delicious traditional dishes. From succulent lamb

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Why choose Chania Crete for your next vacation?

If you’re looking for a beautiful and affordable vacation destination, look no further than Chania Crete. This historic city on

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Discover the Wines of Crete

For many people, wine is considered one of the strongest experiences in life. The island of Crete is one of

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Cretan Culture

Crete has a rich cultural history. From the Minoans through the Roman, Turkish and German occupation to the present day

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Cretan Diet

The excellent health and longevity of Cretans are attributed in their traditional diet. The Cretan Diet constitutes the model of

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Best holiday activities in Chania

Crete is a paradise for nature lovers, the “hunters” of adventure and generally all those who want to enrich their

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