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Best holiday activities in Chania

Best holiday activities in Chania

Crete is a paradise for nature lovers, the “hunters” of adventure and generally all those who want to enrich their holiday with memorable experiences and holiday activities. The varied landscape of the island, the mountain massifs, the countless canyons, the caves, the Cretan nature, which is sometimes wild and sometimes gentle, the countless kilometers of coastline, the rare ecosystems and the various micro climates that grow on the island, all these create the ideal conditions for holiday activities which can offer unique experiences.

Holiday Activities In Crete – On The Land

Holiday Activities -Hiking-through-E4-paths
The land of Crete promises unique experiences to those who love to walk, to discover, to bike, to conquer peaks, to be overwhelmed by fresh air and adrenaline. Select the trekking European path E4 and other more unknown paths that cross the most pristine areas of the island, you can go hikking the Cretan sierras that extend from one end of Crete to the other, discover the inland on horseback, explore countless Cretan gorges. The majority of the routes are in Chania, in the region of Sfakia and Paleochora.

There are also several hiking, mountaineering and alpine routes in the major sierras of Crete (White Mountains, Psiloritis, Dikti) and through the European path E4. You can also enjoy some daily excursions by car going through canyons, mountain trails, plateaus, villages, attractions, e.t.c. You will definitely love one-day excursions on horseback or multi-day holiday packages that combine riding and sightseeing.

Holiday Activities In Crete – In The Water

Two seas, countless kilometres of coastline, beautiful beaches: the sea of Crete is ideal for underwater discoveries and water sports, for beginners or more experienced fans of sea activities. Those who choose the island for their vacation will have the opportunity to enjoy various experiences such as kayak, windsurfing, scuba diving, fishing and sailing in pristine waters, under the guidance of experienced professionals.

Scuba diving in Chania and snorkelling courses for beginners and children, and diving for experienced divers who can choose among a wide range of experiences, from deep diving to night diving and diving in caves. There are also customized exploration packagesby sea kayak, as well as various models of marine kayak for rent.

Holiday Activities In Crete – Live The Adventure

The fans of adrenaline and intense experience will be extremely satisfied in Crete. You can find many options for adventurous holiday activities in Crete, from safari with 4×4 in the wilder parts of the island, to bungee jumping from Aradena Bridge into the gorge. Aradena Bridge is the highest bridge for bungee jumping in Greece and the second highest in Europe. It is located in Sfakia, Chania and has a height of 138 meters. The jumps are made during the summer months (June, July, August). Additionally, you will find many other customized adventurous activities organized by experienced professionals.

Holiday Activities In Crete – Enjoy The Culture

The actual acquaintance with Crete passes through its history, culture and famous cuisine. Choose among several activities, such as thematic culinary tours, wine tasting tours, cooking classes, city tours, sight-seeing, etc . If you spend your holidays in Chania, you will have the chance to enjoy organizes relaxing walks to the old town, accompanied by a guide. The routes pass through the most important monuments and attractions and hidden beauties.

Holiday Activities In Crete – Enjoy Wine Tasting

Nowadays, lots of people enjoy trying different types of wine and they even sometimes book for wine tasting at the same time they book for a hotel or a villa! In Chania you can find some wineries that is worth to go for wine tasting. Ask them to serve you wines from indigenous varieties that have been awarded in international wine competitions. You’ll be surprised!

You can also participate in one-day gastronomic visits in Cretan villages, in traditional cooking classes and culinary tours. You will find some tasting offering dealing with the three main products of Crete: wine, oil and cheese.

Several holiday activities in Chania are offered to those who want to spend their holidays in a fascinating, yet beneficial way. Besides, anyone who visits Chania realizes that this land is ideal not only for relaxing holidays, but also for unforgettable, unique experiences.

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